Great news.  Donald applied and recieved state grants for a concrete skatepark!  Yahoo!

  While at the Wilsonville skate park, Jacob Taylor told me about a park he was helping to build on the weekends in Donald, Oregon.  He and some friends asked the Mayor about a skate park and recieved a blessing and an asphalt slab to cover with as much skateable structures as they can sculpt.  They are going to work hard this summer and hope to someday have a full concrete park.  Burnside had similar beginnings.  This town wins the lion heart award.  The town is about 1000 people and they have built their own skatepark which is used on a daily basis by many kids.  Some of the kids are trying this summer to get sponsored.  They certainly have the heart and the skills to do so.  Donald is amazing.  Go visit Donald and see the roots of community action.  Go visit Donald and witness the reason you skate.  Go visit Donald and skate for fun.  Go visit Donald.


    Donald is south of Portland about 20 miles, near Woodburn and just west of I-5.
    From I-5 take the Donald exit and head west on Ehlen Road.  At the four way stop intersection of Ehlen and Butteville Rd, follow the sign to Donald, that is go south (left) on Butteville Rd.  At the next intersection, you are in Donald, Oregon.  Take a left (east) on Main St.  The skatepark is at Main St. and Mattieu St.

Here is Donald, Oregon.

This is only part of the Donald Gang.  From left: Chris Besabe, Justin Brant, Lacy Marrow, David Trumps, Ian Merrick, Adam Chapman, Josh Swain and Colin Hill.

Not pictured: Jacob Taylor, Colt Powell, Charlie Ballew, Bjorn Day, Bea Powell, Dan Spotanski, Kasey Spotanski, Tyler Frame, Ty (don't know last name), Donavan Byrce, Jesse Cunnally and Jason and Jarrod Harman.

Colin Hill pop shove it.

Ian Merrick pop shove its off the other side.                        Chris Besabe ollie

Josh Swains ollie                                                                                   Ian acid drops the 5' quarter built by Mr. Powell.

Colin five-ohs the trash can.

David Trumps with a big indy.                                                                   Justin Brant frontside railslide.
Adam Chapman railslide (I am sorry I decapitated you, Adam).   Chris Besabe railslide.     Should we call these railslides or boardslides or does it matter?

Justin railslide again.  No bikes.                                                                                   Colin slides.

David 180 ollie off the box over the block.

Donald, Oregon rules.

Thanks so much to the whole Donald Gang for your help, inspiration and skills.