In 1997, Parks and Recreation designated an old tennis court as Pendleton's skate area.  Skaters and bmxers brought their own ramps to make a small, wooden park.  The park also has several awesome, asphalt banks.  In 2002, Pendleton bought some modular skate ramps and resurfaced the big quarter pipe.

  At the old John Marie Elementary School -now businesses-, in May Park at SE 1st St and SE Issac Ave.

Aaron Lightburn

  From I-84, take the SE 3rd Dr. / Hwy 11 exit #210 and go north, down the hill.  Take the first left ("To City Center") on SW Issac Ave.  In about three blocks there is a tennis and basketball court on the right.  The park is there.

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Jeffery Eickssteadt                                                           and                                 Tony Abdich

Pendleton Parks and Recreation
(541) 276-8100


Jay -broken arm and all- on the new modular quarter pipe.

Matt Morris, down the stairs (twice), in good form.


La Grande