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Here are some bits and pieces following Redmond's origin.

Below is an excerpt directly from the Redmond homepage:

Current Needs -- Redmond Community

       Redmond Skatepark -- The City of Redmond donated a piece of land at 15th and Antler,
        just west of the Spud Bowl, for the Redmond
       Skatepark. The design for the park is complete and it is estimated that the building cost
        will be in the neighborhood of $150,000. The Redmond Area Skaters Committee is
        working hard to raise the money through fundraising activities and grant applications.

       If you would like to help with fundraising, grant writing or construction,
        please call Jim Smith, 385-1731; Kim Johnston, 410-3729;  or Pat Minney, 923-7714.

                                                                                            August 31, 2000
Hi, Sam:
I also wanted to give you an update on the Redmond efforts.  We have raised most
of the money and materials needed to build the park.  At this point the plans
are being drawn up by an engineer and the permits applications are about to be
turned in.  We hope to get the excavation done this fall, let it settle over the
winter and pour the concrete in the spring and completed in May.  We are still
working with Mark Scott and his crew so we know it will be a great park.
Thanks for your help in getting the word out.

If you have further questions
or would like to help with fundraising,
grant writing or construction,
please call Jim Smith, 385-1731;
Kim Johnston, 410-3729; or
       Pat Minney, 923-7714 or e-mail her at:
Pat Minney  is on the Skatepark Committee
and works for the city of Redmond.

June 7th, 2000

Hi again:

    [My son and I] got involved in the skatepark project in Redmond a
couple of years ago because our son, also Sam, was being hassled by the cops
and school personnel for skateboarding around town.
    People in Redmond had tried to get a skatepark built for about 10 years
previous, but hadn't accomplished anything.  We've made a lot of progress
because our committee has a Community Justice Officer from Deschutes Co.
who's assigned to Redmond and has taken this on as his main project and
has made lots of contact with kids, schools, etc.  And being here at the City,
I know who to talk to for permits and other info., plus know the council,
mayor, etc.  Its been a real learning experience.
    We are talking to Mark Scott about building it --if the timing works out
and our money all comes together and he finishes the park he and his crew
are working on [Newberg] and can come right here and start in.

-Pat Minney

May 3, 2001
Thanks for your message and phone message. ...
 We are working on the landscape now and I appreciate
your info about gravel etc, because we were talking about that the other day. We
don't have the mud that the valley does, so putting in some grass and
trees--have to because it's in a park.
The construction is finished--it looks beautiful!! You'll have to come on May
19--ribbon cutting at 10:00 am. Not sure what else--there's a guy in Bend who
wants to put on an exhibition music, etc. Don't know if that will happen. No
t-shirts as yet, but we may need to raise more $$ so good idea. Final cost is around
150,000. Park is bigger than originally planned, but addition is good. No
bleachers, but picnic tables (soon) and a retaining wall sort of thing on one side.
Hope to meet you on the 19th. Will be in touch when I get back. Thanks for your

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